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A little about this site:

Wow! Zone 9 Tropicals is really doing better than I thought it would. It is interesting how well quality sells.

Even so the work I have put into Zone9 is reflected in the neglect of Gingergarden.com. Not only has my ecommerce site taken my time but my new job has me working 40 hours a week too. In May, I accepted a job as a Senior Analyst for Internet Development at a major airline.

What does that mean? Well for me it means I have more resources to share my love of tropical plant gardening. I am able buy more plants and try them out.

For the followers of gingergarden.com, it means that I can have more pictures. When I started, I had the idea that I would only post pictures of plants in my garden. Well, there are just too many cool plants out there to keep that policy.

Despite all the new opportunities, the one thing I am lacking is time. I hope to find more time to update this site.

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Latest Listings:

   Globba globulifera -   
   Petrea glandulosa - White Queen's Wreath   
   Deplanchea tetraphylla - Golden Bouquet Tree   
   Alpinia japonica 'Peppermint stick'   
   Costus woodsonii -   

Latest Pictures:
   Globba globulifera Purple
   Deplanchea tetraphylla Golden Bouquet Tree
   Alpinia japonica Peppermint stick
   Costus woodsonii
   Costus mosaicus
   Aristolochia brasiliensis
   Passiflora alata Ruby Glow


03.29.2007 greenhouses and new property
03.03.2007 new land